What You Need to Know

University administration recently became aware that bargaining-unit faculty members intend to stage a demonstration at the Office of the Provost on Wednesday December 7, 2022. This is due to the union’s perception that the University has not responded to certain proposals made by the union during collective bargaining sessions. The University has responded to many proposals and issues raised by the union and will continue to do so. 
As this is an initial contract between the University and the union, numerous issues have been raised and discussed at the bargaining table. There are some proposals that have been submitted by the union that the University has not immediately responded to due to the need to gather additional information and present the union an informed response. Collective bargaining is a back and forth process and that requires give and take on both sides. The University will continue to engage in good faith bargaining by responding to all proposals and issues raised by the union and we hope the union does so as well.  The parties' next bargaining session is December 14, 2022 and the University looks forward to working collaboratively with the union to continue to address outstanding issues.